He parted ways with the burgundy blue management coach Eddie Newton. After this separation, Abdullah Avcı became the new coach in Trabzonspor.

Everyone was wondering what would change in Trabzonspor after Abdullah Avcı became the new coach. Talks took place between the administration and Abdullah Avcı. Behind the scenes of these talks was reached. It is among the information that the experienced teacher prepared a very comprehensive presentation especially about his system.

Here is the path Abdullah Avcı will follow in Trabzonspor;

Trabzonspor on the Footsteps of Giant Clubs

Abdullah Avcı, who sent his assistants to world clubs such as Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Manchester City in the past, aimed to follow the path just like those clubs. Trabzonspor will apply the same method.

Physical Performance Center

Abdullah Avcı had established an ‘Actor Performance Laboratory’ in Başakşehir. 10 experts in the field determined how much loading to be made on which player and on which subject. Each player worked with individual training programs according to their injury risks. Thus, almost everyone increased their performance and their injury problems were minimized. At the beginning of the season, Trabzonspor also established a ‘Physical Performance Center’ and brought experts from England. Hunter will develop this system in Trabzonspor.

Not Without Infrastructure

The experienced coach will closely follow the situation of the players in the Trabzonspor infrastructure. Abdullah Avcı, who will work in accordance with the philosophy of the club, will also work on the integration of talented and competent names into the A team in a short time.

Trabzonspor competing every season

Abdullah Avcı, who explained his plan, system, working discipline and understanding to the management with this presentation and learned that his expressions received great admiration, have already rolled up his sleeves to create a Trabzonspor that will be in the championship race every season. The highly successful teacher will start working on the Bordeaux-Blue team today to make all these goals come true.

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