The fire broke out late at night on the ground floor of a 10-storey apartment on 8809/10 street in Atatürk District of Çiğli. On the ground floor of the apartment, a fire broke out in the flat where M.K. was sitting, allegedly after the family dispute. While the flames immediately surrounded the flat, there was a life market in the apartment. Firefighters, health and police teams were dispatched to the scene after the apartment residents noticed the flames. Although some citizens were covered with smoke inside the building in the fire, while their own means went out by going down the stairs, the citizens who went upstairs to avoid the fire were evacuated by the firemen.

As a result of the work done by the firemen, the fire was extinguished by taking it under control without spreading to other apartments. It was learned that some citizens were affected by the smoke while the flat became available.


The resident of the apartment, Turan Karaman, who came out with his own means during the fire, said, “There was shouting and calling. There was an incident of spilling it. I said I should go down, the lady said ‘I don’t get down’ because she was drunk. I went up to the balcony, I looked out of the window, there was smoke. He broke it, poured it. Then he burned it. I don’t know, he was married, I think we were witnessing that he had a fight with his wife. ” said.


Sevgi Kanberi, living on the 4th floor of the apartment building, said that they had a hard time because of heavy smoke while trying to go out with her son Uğur with her own means after the fire broke out. Sevgi Kanberi, telling about his fearful moments, said, “On the ground floor, he fought with his wife, set the building on fire. My son lay on the ground 3 times,” I am out of breath, I am not able to take a step, mother. “I forced it down, my wife was on the roof. I dragged my son down. she says she dropped mom, I dropped my jacket. I said forget it, your heart is important. Let’s go downstairs and save ourselves. ” he spoke.


Stating that their neighbors helped them after the fire, Sevgi Kanberi said, “Our neighbor gave him a jacket and sweater, we got out of the bed directly. My throat is still burning. We will not be able to get home, there is a gas danger in the pipes. We will spend the night in our car. We have a blanket and we will spend 3 people. . We can’t go home. ” said.


On the other hand, M.K., who allegedly set fire to the apartment, was caught by police teams. It was reported that M.K., who was detained, was taken to the police for questioning.

It was learned that 2 flats on the ground floor of the apartment were damaged due to fire. It was stated that while the investigation launched into the fire was continuing, citizens affected by the smoke were sent to hospitals for treatment.

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