In the incident that took place in a garden in Baskil’s Gemici village, some apricot trees in the 20-decare garden belonging to Ahmet Kürüm were cut by an unidentified person 2 months ago. The trees of Kürüm, who planted another sapling, were cut and broken 3 more times in 2 months. Kürüm, who wanted to identify the person in this situation, spent 17 thousand TL and installed both a photo trap and a security camera at a certain point. Realizing that the saplings were broken again the previous day, Kürüm reported that the person was reflected in the photo trap images and reported the situation to the gendarme. You are the person, Ş.A. The person was caught by the gendarmerie teams, his statement was taken and legal action was initiated.

Expressing that he did not care much about cutting the trees in the first place, Ahmet Kürüm said, “In the first, our 150 root apricot trees were damaged. We did not care much. We said it might be. Later we planted the apricot trees again, they were cut again. This happened about a week later. 3. The same thing happened once again. The last incident was that our newly planted apricots and our old apricot trees were cut. After these events, I went and bought 4 cameras for 17 thousand liras. 3 of them were closed. He was cutting apricot trees, “he said.

Expressing that they identified the person who harmed their apricots from the cameras and filed a complaint, Kürüm said that they knew the person who cut 460 root apricot trees in 2 months, but they did not know why he did so.


No news for 24 hours, found dead at home


Photo trap is a remotely activated camera equipped with a motion sensor or an infrared sensor or using a light beam as a trigger. Camera capture is a method used to capture wild animals on film if researchers are not available, and has been used in ecological research for decades. In addition to hunting and wildlife viewing applications, research applications include nest ecology, detection of rare species, estimation of population size and species wealth, as well as habitat use and occupation studies of man-made structures.

Photocatchers, also known as trail cameras, are used to capture wildlife images with as little human mix as possible. Their use has increased since the introduction of commercial infrared-triggered cameras in the early 1990s. With advances in the quality of camera equipment, this method of field observation has become more popular among researchers.

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