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Ümraniyespor and Samsunspor faced each other in Istanbul in the 19th week of TFF League 1. In the 88th minute of the match, a rare event in football occurred and the match was stopped for about 15 minutes. Referee Ramazan Keleş scored the goal of Okan Derici, who took the ball given to Samsunspor and sent it to Samsunspor nets without touching anyone. According to the rules; It was stated by the whole sports community that if the ball went to the opponent team’s nets and a goal was scored immediately after the referee shot, the goal was not considered valid and the game should start with a goal kick. After the goal, Ümraniyespor technical delegation and footballers thought that the action of their players was out of fair-play and allowed Samsunspor to score. After Samsunspor scored a goal, the two team players were passing between themselves, while the referee Ramazan Keleş ended the match without playing the extra minutes. Today we put out our necessary data, Turkey Football Federation will do the necessary applications. Details of this application will be published on our club official website. The rules are clear and straightforward. What happened in the match is very clear. We will make our application and wait for the next process. There is also a mistake that the injured player remains in the game without leaving the field despite the medics entering the field, but we will see together how TFF will evaluate the incidents. The rules and practices are very clear. My objection to the referee is frank and clear; I entered the field and said “your decision is wrong, this is a scandal.” That’s all I’m saying. The referee also showed me a red card for entering the field. About 50-60 people were in the field there. It was at this point that I warned the referee. ”Commenting on the Bandırmaspor match that will be played on Friday, Sağlam said,“ After playing a match that occupied the agenda of the country last week, we discarded the negative traces of that match and started preparations for the Bandırmaspor match, which is very important to be played on Friday. After the Ümraniyespor game, we started our preparations without allowing the players. I hope we will continue our struggle in the race to the top on Friday with a good fight, a nice game and 3 points we will get on our own field. We currently do not have any injuries. Oguz had a disease, he recovered. Nadir has a yellow card penalty. Other than that, we do not seem to be lacking. I believe that it will put forward a good fight like in the Altay match, and that the Bandırmaspor match will contribute to us as much as it is greatly important to shed light on the future. We have a good opportunity to look at the future with hope and to get rid of last week’s negative traces. I hope we will evaluate the Bandırmaspor game well. ”Samsun will meet Bandırmaspor on Friday at 19.00.

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