The dead body of a ‘grizzly cyan’ shark, about 1 meter long, was found off the coast of Konyaaltı in Antalya.

Fishermen who sailed to hunt in Antalya saw a still shark. Fishermen determined that the fish died in their control. The fishermen tied the head and tail with a rope so that the sharks hit the beach and the citizens would not be anxious. Then, the fisherman went out and destroyed the grizzly cyan shark. The fisherman, who took the shark he took to the safe point by viewing it with his mobile phone, said, “I found the Camgöz, which is forbidden to hunt, dead in the sea. It was drifting towards the beach. I bought it and tied it to the boat so that people would not be nervous. In the evening I will sail, let go of my nets, try to destroy the shark somehow. Nowadays Antalya is infested with sharks, and I suggest that friends swimming on the beach pay attention. ” found the description.


Although it was forbidden, they flocked! Citizens were punished


Providing information about the gray camgöz shark genus, Akdeniz University Faculty of Fisheries Prof. Dr. Mehmet Gökoğlu, on the other hand, said, “The shark is a gray gill with gill slits. They live deep, do not come to the shore much. However, it can rise to the surface at night. They are known as the harmless sea scavengers. They are very growing sharks. They can give 20-50 babies during their life. Presumably these were caught in the fishermen’s nets and died. He left his corpse in the sea because he knew it was a forbidden species in the fisherman. ” said.


Stating that sharks are rapidly becoming extinct, Gökoğlu asked the fishermen to leave these animals back to their habitats without damaging them when they caught it.

Source: DHA

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