According to the information obtained, 29-year-old Ayşe Özgecan Usta on Aydoğmuş Sokak allegedly quarreled with her boyfriend Bartu C.A. after drinking alcohol. After the incident, Özgecan Usta crashed into the concrete floor from the 8th floor. Özgecan Usta, who was taken to Atatürk State Hospital after the first intervention of the medical teams who came to the scene, lost his life despite all the interventions. The Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor launched an investigation into the incident. While the lifeless body of the young girl was taken to the hospital morgue; Bartu C.A., allegedly her boyfriend. was detained.


After the incident, witnesses’ statements were also taken. Eyewitnesses whose statements were consulted with the careful work of the Zonguldak Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office; It was learned that they heard shouts. Bartu C.A., who was transferred to the Zonguldak Courthouse after the procedures at the police station, was sent to the Criminal Judgeship of Peace on Duty with the request for a ban on leaving abroad under house arrest and judicial control. After about three hours, Bartu C.A. a ban on leaving the country with house arrest and judicial control was issued.


Ayşe’s boyfriend is in custody! Suicide or murder?


The incident occurred at around 01:00 in İncivez District of Zonguldak, Major Tahsin Street. Ayşe Özgecan Usta (28) fell out of her 8th floor flat. Police and medical teams were sent to the address upon the notice. Ayşe Özgecan Usta, where the incoming medical teams applied heart massage, was taken to Zonguldak Atatürk State Hospital by ambulance. The Master, who was taken to intensive care, could not be saved despite all the efforts of the doctors.


Her boyfriend B.C.A., who was at home during the incident, within the scope of the investigation initiated by the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office into the death of Ayşe Özgecan Usta. was taken into custody. It was stated that B.C.A., who was taken to the police station, said that they were lovers with the Master and that he threw himself from the roof terrace after arguing about marriage. It was alleged that B.C.A. said that the Master, whom he tried to hold, slipped from his hand.

Police teams also made statements from other citizens living in the apartment. Crime scene investigation teams and the Public Prosecutor made an investigation at home. Master’s mobile phone was also confiscated for examination.

Source: UAV

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