In Fenerbahçe, who will face Galatasaray at the weekend in the Super League, assistant coach Volkan Demirel made a remarkable statement to the club television.

The headlines from Demirel’s comments are as follows:

“Fenerbahce fans, be comfortable. The weekend will be the feast of the Fenerbahce people. If we gather 11 men from the outside, if they do, we will win again. Last year was an exception. There was a break in the derby win for a year. It happens once in 20 years, maybe every 50 years. It will never happen after that

I am always someone who acts with my emotions. Maybe sometimes I look cocky on the outside, but I’m not like that. I acted with the feeling of Fenerbahçe and I played that way. Fans have always loved me too. I have always thought of Fenerbahçe’s interests. Maybe that’s why I even made mistakes.

We went through very difficult processes. We actually did what we had to do. Offers came from abroad. There was Beşiktaş. But I did not want to play against Fenerbahçe. Maybe even if I went abroad. Playing against Fenerbahçe is not something I can do.

Actually, I did not want to quit football. But I thought again and quit football in order not to play against Fenerbahçe again. “

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