Galatasaray Vice President Abdurrahim Albayrak stated that after the Fenerbahçe match, striker Mostafa Mohamed was a very qualified name and stated that it would be a book if he tried to write what happened during the transfer period.

In the 24th week of the Super League, Galatasaray defeated its arch-rival Fenerbahçe 1-0 on the road and rose to the lead with averages. The second president of the yellow-red club, Abdurrahim Albayrak, made statements to the press after the match. Albayrak, who started his speech by expressing that the team was also positively affected by this situation when Fatih Terim’s face was smiling, said, “We made the transfers that our teacher wanted, his face laughs. I hope good days will come from now on. As for this match, both sides fought well. Mostafa Mohamed scored beautiful and stylish goals. He scored a goal last week. I asked “Did you bring your wife and family?” He said “No, I will not bring without scoring 10 goals.” And I said, “Score 10 goals in a very short time and reunite with your family,” and such a humorous conversation had passed between us. We played well. I congratulate the technical team, the players. We will meet them in the dressing room soon. We left Florya to win. We scored a good goal, played well, got 3 points, we will continue on our way ”.


Attempt to attack Abdurrahim Albayrak from Rambo Okan


Expressing that there are many matches ahead of them, Albayrak said, “This derby is not the first, it is not the last. Today we win, tomorrow someone else wins. You should not look at them too much. We are very happy that we won today. “Good luck to our community,” he continued and spoke about the transfer period. Albayrak stated that if he wrote this transfer period, it would be a book and said, “While I was working in my own company at 7 o’clock in the morning, Fatih teacher came. The plane was not taking off from here. I caught 1 plane from here and 1 plane from London. We could not bring Fernandes. There was fog. I said that if you bring the pilots before 17.00, I will give a premium and they brought it before 17.00, and I thank them. I would like to thank my president and the board of directors. They gave me full authority and trust. They gave me strength. But we made really good transfers. Mostafa Mohamed to Turkey in the coming days not just everybody watch, “he said. Speaking about the large number of people in the protocol tribune, Albayrak said, “Our friends shot the necessary videos. There were too many spectators upstairs. First, let’s experience the joy of this victory as a community. Let’s not let the polemics. As 2 distinguished clubs, let’s pay attention to our speeches and win friends. We need it. I did not see the tension in the protocol. But when one loses a match, it becomes stressful. I also get stressed out. He concluded his words by saying, “It is necessary to take it naturally.

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